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9260spring Steel Blade Naginata Sword Silver Dragon Tsuba

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Product Description

 -Blade: high quality spring steel;
 -Edge: razor sharp;
 -Hamon(Tempered line): without hamon;
 -Hi(Blood groove): without specific bo-hi;
 -Tsuka(Handle): Genuine Ray Skin wrapped with Japanese silk Ito & ornamented with Menuki (ornament);
 -Saya: black lacquered wood tied with Japanese specific silk Sageo;
 -Tang: Full tang;
 -Fittings: tsuba; fuchi/kashira, menuki. made of copper;
 -Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled;
 -Handle Length: 40cm.
 -Blade Length: 72cm.
 -Overall Length: 117cm.
 -Package Includes: 1 * Assembled katana Sword with saya 1 * Katana Bag;
 The blade of the sword has been hand forged using the ancient method of sword making. sharpened blade with  full tang can cut paper or bamboo with strike and you don\'t worry about loose. important, the blade made of high quality spring steel so with excellent spring and Hardness blade. fully hand polishing and hand abrasive to Razor sharpened edge. quenched and tempering blade shaped shinogi-zukuri, this is a sharpened battle ready samurai katana sword for kendo and iaido superior.
 This KATANA is for those who want a real sword. The sword is made in the exact same method of the ancient Japanese process of making swords and is sharper than a razor. This is the best sword you will find in the price range and nice work.