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Hanclaying Jp Wakizashi Katana Razor Sharp Edge Cut 4bamboos

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 -overall length: 81cm
 -nagasa length/material: 51cm/ AISI 1095 carbon steel
 -handle length/material: 25cm / pure silk, hard wooden. authentic shark skin
 -Habaki/Seppa: made of brass
 -mountings: Made of mix metal
 -Sageo: made of top quality pure silk.
 -Saya (Scabbard): black lacquered be sheeny.
 -blade: the blade of the wakizash sword has been hand forged using ancient method of sword making. hand forged blade with full tang can cut tatami with a strike. two pieces outer jacket steel{1095 steel} wrapped around a relatively softer, inner iron core, which is resilient and able to absorb shocks, in a way, reduces the possibiity of the blade breaking or bending. quenched and tempering blade shaped shinogi-zukuri, featured chu points. which has irregular wavy boshi. the blade has been hard polished with multiple grade stones by japanese method, this made the blade very smooth. otherwise, this blade was clay tempered and has more than 14 process hand sharpening work. hamon resulted from quenching and temperiing. otherwise, sword bag comes with this sword.