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Handmade 1060 Carbon Steel Blade Japaense Katana Crane Tsuba Functional Sword

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MSRP:  $339.98

Price:  $169.99


-Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled;

-Blade Width (near Habaki): 1.26 inch / 3.2cm

-Blade Width (near Kissaki): 0.91 inch / 2.3cm

-Weight (with Saya ): 2.64 lbs / 1.20 kg (approximately)

-Weight (without Saya): 2.16 lbs / 0.98 kg (approximately)

-overall length: 103cm/40.6inch

-Blade length/material: 71cm/28.0 inch /1060 carbon steel. full groove.

-handle length/material: 26cm /10.8inch. hard wooden with Genuine Ray Skin wrapped . silk Ito & ornamented with
Menuki (ornament);

-fittings: made of mix iron;

-Sheath (Scabbard): made of hard wood. green lacquer be shine with black raindrop; high quality silk sageo also rolled both side of kurikata to match sword's tsuka-ito.

-Package Includes: 1 * Assembled katana Sword with saya 1 * Katana Bag ;

-The blade of the sword has been hand forged using the ancient method of sword making. Full hand forged, hand polished and hand sharpened.

-The blade was made of 1060 high carbon steel, and it has been laminated in a Maru style. The blade has long Hi (blood groove) on each side, This not only allows for a lighter blade and audible feedback when swung. but also can balance the blade to achieve optimal performance. The tip of the blade is a Chu Kissaki (medium length).

-This blade has been hand polished with multiple grade sharpen stone by Japanese method, which made the surface of the blade like a mirror, the blade is also very sharp.

-This blade comes with a full length Tang which greatly enhances the strength of the sword. this sword is strong enough to cut through a thick bamboo tree with a single strike yet sharp enough to slice paper.


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